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Search and Rescue

 Calvert K-9 Search Team is a Maryland Search and Rescue Team, using highly trained search dogs to find lost and missing people.  Having met all the MD requirements and standards, we were accepted as part of the NRP/MSP led Maryland Search Team Task Force (MSTTF)



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CK-9's Mission:   As an all volunteer, non-profit organization, we provide fully equipped, nationally certified search dog teams, and search management personnel to find lost or missing people. We are part of the Maryland Search Team Task Force (MSTTF).

 Emergency phone numbers are below **Contact Us**

**Contact Us**
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    If you have an Emergency please call 911!

     If you are a Law Enforcement Agency and need CK9 assets, please call: 

    Primary: Ted Carson (Commander)
    410-586-2476 or
    301-943-9221 cell

    Secondary: Kelly Burkhardt (President of Board)



    CK-9 Board of Directors

    Commander: Ted Carson

    Dep Commander & President of the BOD: Kelly Burkhardt

    Operations Chief:  Kirk Even

    Logistics Chief: Dona Wilson

    Planning Chief: Stephanie Konecny 

    Admin Chief: Eric Christensen 

    Finances Chief: Mark Schleicher



    CK-9 Operational Dog Teams



    1. "Team Jett":  Jen Donaldson:  Area Search
    2. "Team Teyla" Ted & Fran Carson: Ted Carson-tracking/trailing & HRD,  Fran Carson:  HRD
    3. "Team Sabre": Kelly Burkhardt:  Area Search
    4. "Team Bennie":  Stephanie Konecny:  Area Search
    5. "Team Neeko": Dave Thorne: Area Search
    6. "Team Degan": Sharon Buckler: Area Search and HRD
    7. "Team Max":  Kirk Even and Mitchell Even:   Area Search                  
    8.  "Team Farley":  Mark Schleicher:   Area Search  
    9.  "Team Koop": Rita Lung:   Area Search