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 Calvert K-9 Search Team is a Maryland Search and Rescue Team, using highly trained search dogs to find lost and missing people.  Having met all the MD requirements and standards, we were accepted as part of the NRP/MSP led Maryland Search Team Task Force (MSTTF)



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CK-9's Mission:   As an all volunteer, non-profit organization, we provide fully equipped, nationally certified search dog teams, and search management personnel to find lost or missing people. We are part of the Maryland Search Team Task Force (MSTTF).

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    If you have an Emergency please call 911!

     If you are a Law Enforcement Agency and need CK9 assets, please call: 

    Primary: Ted Carson (Commander)
    410-586-2476 or
    301-943-9221 cell

    Secondary: Kelly Burkhardt (President of Board)



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    30 hours after declared operational, we received our first actual call out to the Saint Mary's Veterans Home just before midnight the 14th of Nov 2009. We responded with 9 STMs and 3 dogs and went right to work. The subject walked out of the woods on his own around 2:30 AM.

    We later received the official letters from both the Department of Natural Resources Police and the Maryland State Police stating we were a fully operational SAR Team in the state of Maryland as of 1 Dec 2009!

    - Since that time we received a call out in mid Dec 09 with over 20 inches of snow from Saint Mary's Sheriffs, but the subjects were found before we arrived;

    -And one 3 May 10 from DNR/MSP to Elkton MD; both were cancelled before we even finished the call out notifications as the subjects were found.

    -CK9 responded to a DNR call out at 1730 on 19 Jun for a 52 year old subject in the Marriottsville, MD area west of Baltimore. We responded with 8 STMs and Starbuck immediately getting a night time airscent search area on arrival assigned with 6 of our own STMs and Starbuck! Our team was in the area heading directly toward the subjects home where he showed up before we arrived and we were recalled by base.

    -CK-9 was called out locally the afternoon of 21 Jul 10 for a middle-aged woman missing for 3 days in Saint Mary's county, Lexington Park. We responded with 11 members and Starbuck. We assisted the IC in the planning of the search areas both Hasty Sweep Teams and Dog team; then executed day and night searches well into the night concluding she was not in the search area. Her body was found 3 days later in another state.

    -0330 in the morning, NRP/MSP call out 26 Sep10 to Herford county north of Baltimore on Flintville Rd Darlington MD for a 70 year old male dementia walk away. Search had been in progress all night; we were called for the next operational period 0800; but subject was found before we all left home.

    -2200, 19 Oct 2010 got an Alert for call out from Saint Mary's Sheriff's Office for 12 and 14 year old walk away girls; we reported 10 searchers, 3 airscent dogs and 1 tracking dog in standby to deploy. Shortly after midnight search alert called off as deputies found out the girls had a history of this and hiding with friends from police.

    -On 9 Jan 2011 at Patapsco Valley Sate Park; 8 of our STMs and 2 airscent dogs (Starbuck and Jett) arrived at 0830 Sunday morning to join around 200 other area law enforcement, DNRP, MSP, FBI, LE helicopter, ATVs, bikes, multiple SAR teams with SAR dogs, horses and more for the search for a 16 year old girl who had been missing for many days. It was amazing watching all the various organizations pull together as one to attempt to find this girl. Team Starbuck executed over a 3 hour search; Team Jett conducted 2 separate task assigned search missions. Katy ran the CK-9 Trailer like a pro!  FANTASTIC JOB by ALL!..........unfortunately the missing girl was not found until months later in another area of the state.

    -We got a 1930 alert 15 Jan 11 for call out from Deputy Todd Fleenor for a lost 12 year old boy in the Golden Beach area of Saint Mary's county. We responded back to him reporting we had 3 airscent dogs, 1 tracking dog and 7 STMs standing by to deploy once the location was given to us. Deputy Fleenor and his dog Cooper were actively tracking the boy when he turned up at a convenience store asking for help. He is OK and the search was called off before we deployed.

    -Received an MSP call out at 0920 Friday morning 28 Jan 11 to search for a missing person in the Upper Marlboro area. Great response by all for this work day, and snowing call out! We had 8 STMs and 2 airscent dogs (Georgia and Starbuck) enroute to the search area prior to subject being found and getting a recall notification.

    -We were called out by DNRP 15 Feb 11 at 2210 to search for a 90 year old Alzheimer's walk away from his home in Annapolis MD late that afternoon. Midway through our call out phone tree we were called back by DNR and told to stand down. One of the first Hasty teams on site found the man down a ravine alive:-)

    -1930 DNR Call out Eastern Shore Salisbury MD 5-6 Mar 2011 for 76 year old male Altizermer's walk away 6 hours missing. We responed with 7 STMs and 2 dogs (Georgia did not get there on time). We searched all night and the morning when he was found alive:-)


    -2330 Call Out 5 Apr 11 by Saint Mary's SO for two 80 year old lost subjects in Myrtle Point Park, California, MD. Before the call phone tree was complete, police found both subjects alive and well.

    -We were called out by DNRP to meet at 0900 9 Apr 11 at Patapsco State Park ( along the Gunpowder River) to participate in a large scale search for a person missing since Dec 2010. We responded with 9 STMs and 3 airscent dogs. All three of our dog teams searched through the day with all the other teams and organizations. Unfortunately she was not found that day. On 21 Apr 11 her body was found in the Susquahana river.


    -1055 Call Out 26 Apr 2011 by Calvert Sheriffs Office for a lost 82 year old dementia male missing for just 15 minutes. We responded with 7 STMs, 2 airscent and 1 tracking dog. Just prior to the full team arriving on site the police made the find alive and well.


    -CK-9 called out by Saint Mary's Sheriff's Office at 2210 on 3 May 2011 to assist in searching for 3 girls ages 7, 9 and 10 lost for the last 2 hours. We responded with 6 STMs, 2 airscent and one trailing dog. 2 of our STMs and 2 dogs arrived on scene minutes before the police found all 3 girls alive and well:-)


    -CK-9 responded to a DNRP request to search for a possible suicide victim missing for 2 weeks presumed to be in Blockhouse Point Park in Montgomery county MD. CK-9 responded with 2 airscent dogs (In HRD training) and 8 STMs at 0800 Sunday 12 Jun 11. A CK-9 team made the unhappy find in the early morning. A family got closure.

    - Call out by Calvert Sheriff's Office 1700 12Jul 2011 for a 93 year old female walk away in the Port Republic MD area near the bay. CK-9 responded with 8 STMs, plus 2 airscent and 1 tracking dog. The entire team arrived on site, had finished search planning and just about to make assignments when police notified us they found her walking on a road about 500 meters away from her home alive and well :-)

    -Call Out by Maryland State Police at 1815 13 Aug 11 for a 16 year old Bi-Polar girl missing for the past 2 hours. CK-9 responded with 9 STMs and 2 airscent dogs. Prior to most of the team even leaving home the call came in that police had found her alive and well :-)


    -Saint Mary's Sheriffs Office called us out at 0100 early morning for a recently reported missing man whose truck had just been located in Dorsey Park MD on 27 Aug 11. CK-9 responded with 11 STMs, 1 tracking and 3 airscent dogs. Prior to our team arriving on site, local firefighters searching made the unhappy find and we were recalled.


    -CK-9 responded on 25 and 27 Sep 11 to a MSP call out to search Piscataway Park for a lost female missing since July . CK-9 responded with 11 STMs and 3 dogs (all training in HRD). We searched from 0800-1600 on Sunday and 0900-1500 on Tuesday and unfortunately did not find her. Her body was found in Jan 2012 by SARDOM and CK-9 in Purse State park.


    -Ck-9 call out Lusby MD, 1900 1 Oct 11 for a 87 year old walk away. Before the team had even left their homes, Calvert Sheriff's Office reported that she had been found :-)

    -CK-9 was requested by MSP to return to Piscataway Park on 14 & 16 Oct 11 to search in selected areas of high interest for the same missing woman. We sent a total 4 dogs and 12 searchers to cover the areas. Unfortunately we did not find her. Her body was found months later in Jan 12 after a hunter sited a small human remain, SARDOM and CK-9 conducted a sucessful search in Purse State park recovering her remains.

    -CK-9 was Called Out to Fort Washington National Park MD 16&18 Oct 11 by DNRP/MSP to search for a missing Virginia man. We responded using a total of 13 searchers (11 STMS) and 4 dogs (1 Wilderness HRD , 2 in HRD training and 1 airscent). The man was not found :-(..........Months later on a tip police found his body down an open well behind an abandoned home out of the search areas.

    -Saint Mary's Sheriffs Office called out CK-9 7 Dec 11 in a driving rain storm at 1945 (after having been put on alert earlier by them) for a 56YOM lost hunter reported lost by since 1530 in Bushwood, MD. We immediatley responded with 2 airscent dogs and 10 STMs. While most members were enroute, we were recalled as they had found the man alive, he will be fine :-)

    -Calvert Sheriffs Office called out CK-9 at 1445 on 14 Dec 11 for an 80YOM walk away in the Owings MD area. We responded with 9 STMs and 3 dogs (2 airscent and 1 tracking). On arrival Team Starbuck was deployed within 15 minutes into a high prob area. The rest of the team was on site or just arriving when police found the man in a locked shed alive and well:-)

    -CK9 was called out by Charles County Sheriff's Office to meet at Purse State Park at 0900 3 Jan 12 to search for remains of an indiviual. We responded with 4 STMs and 2 HRD dogs in training (accepted by CCSO) teaming up with SARDOM certified HRD dogs for the search. We all searched into the afternoon with excellent results hopefully allowing for the future identiifcation of someones loved one...The body was later identified to be the woman we searched for at Piscataway Park last year.

    -Called out by DNRP at 2230 on 26 Jul 12 for a 78 YOF Alzheimer's lost since 1000 on the eastern shore near Cordova MD. We responded with 5 STMs and 4 airscent dogs (Jengo, Bailey, Segen and Starbuck). We searched all through the night into the late morning of 27 Jul. She was found just after noon alive and well :-)

    -0730 DNRP 17 Aug 12 call out for a 67 YO Alzheimers person missing off W. Williams Rd in Elkton, MD since the day before at 1830. CK-9 responded with 4 airscent dogs and 6 STMs. While the team was entroute to the search site we recieved the call that he had been found and to standown.

    -MSP/DNRP call out 0445 2 Sep 2012 for a 92 YOM Alzheimer's missing since 1500 Saturday near Haughs Church Rd. Keymar, MD. CK-9 responded with 6 dogs and 8 STMs. Other teams had searched all night. CK-9 arrived around 0745; Team Jett deployed, before the rest of us got assignments the man was found alive and well :-)

    -CK-9 was called out on 26 Oct 12 by the Charles County Sheriffs Office for a 49 year old despondent male. At 0800 Friday morning CK-9 deployed 5 STMs and 3 airscent dogs (Jengo, Degan and Segen) , and searched all day along with SARDOM assets and others until 1700. Unfortunately the man was not found that day. On 2 Nov a hunter reported finding the man declared a suicide.


    -CK-9 was called out by the Anne Arundel County SO for a armed middle aged despondent male (suspected suicide). We were to report at 0900 on 9 Nov 12 to Pasadena, MD. We responded with 4 members with (Starbuck and Jengo). CK-9 and many other SAR teams searched all day, at which time the search was suspended awaiting more investigation. Man found dead days later by a dog walker approx 3 miles north of the search area at a large pond.


    -CK-9 responded on 28 May 2013 to a NRP call out for an 80 YOF walk away with dementia missing since early that morning from Berlin MD. (about a 4 hour drive for the team). We arrived a little after 1830 with 7 STMs and 3 Dogs (Starbuck, Segen and Jett). Everyone made 2 separate searches each before having to head back home around 0200 the 29th. Before we could rest and return, the search was suspended late the next day awaiting more investigation. An HRD search was later called by NRP for 11 Jun, with CK-9 conducting a Sunday search on 9 Jun 13.


    -1 June 13, Saturday night at 2130 CK-9 was called out by Charles County Sheriffs office for a lost woman. Before we could even get the word out we recieved a stand-down phone call that they had found the woman :-)

    -CK-9 put on Alert 0920 Thursday 6 Jun 2013 for a 90 YOM missing for a day. Info was passed following a reverse 911 call, 500 meter plan established around his home PLS. He was found at noon alive and well.....CK-9 Alert cancelled.


    -CK-9 responded to an NRP call out for 9 Jun to Berlin MD to continue to search for the 77 YOF. We sent 10 STMs 1 Base Operator and 5 HRD dogs. We searched most of the day and returned home. The search will continue until she is found.


    -Standown CK-9!.....I just got a call out from Dep Todd Fleenor 5 Jul 1745 for a missing 5 year old autistic boy in Saint Mary's; the call dropped as I answered my cell so I immediately called him back to find out they just found him :-)


    -CK-9 called out by MSP 1330 Friday 9 Aug 13 for a 32 year old female missing for 1 day in the Mechanicsville area. We responded with 12 STMs and 5 dogs immediately deploying 2 dog teams on arrival and the others as they arrived. A find was made by CK-9 and we returned home. Awesome job CK-9!


    - 14 Aug 13 NRP/MSP call out at midnight for a 39 YO male despondent in Patapsco SP. Search was to begin at 0900. While CK-9 and many other search teams were within minutes of arrival on site, park maintenance crews found the subject alive wandering the main parking lot.....the search was terminated; happy ending:-) 

    - MSP PF call out 1815 Sunday night 3 Nov 13 for a 73 year old female who had been hiking at 1400 and failed to return to her car. CK-9 responded with 14 members and 6 operational dogs joining many LE and firefighters on site. The lady was found around midnight alive and well:-)


    - Saint Mary's SO put CK-9 on Alert for call out at 1605 12 Nov 13 for a 69 YOM despondent. 1625 we were notified subject had been located alive and to Stand Down :-)

    - 11 Feb 2014 1800 Saint Mary's SO put CK-9 on Alert for a 13YOM who left home saying he was not returning. When a SMSO tracking dog approached the subject he came out of the woods alive and well.

    - NRP call out for a 0900 Friday 21 Mar HRD search for a missing 23 YOWM for over a week, thought to have been suicidal. CK-9 responded with 3 searchers and one HRD dog (Degan). The body was discovered by another SAR team before noon on the day of the search.

    - CK-9 responded to a Maryland State Police call out 7 May 2014 at 1715 for a 29 YOM with medical problems. We were deploying 9 searchers, 1 Base Operator, 5 air scent dogs and Teyla for tracking and Hrd. During the deployment we were recalled prior to arrival as the subject had been found DOA.

    - 31 July 2014 MSP Call out to Hancock, MD for a lost man missing overnight in a mountainous area of Straus Lill-Aaron Wilderness. Prior to CK-9 deploying assets we were notified to stand-down as the man had just walked out on his own alive and well after walking to the sound of traffic on a nearby road!

    - 5 Aug 2014 at 1525 CK-9 recieved a Call Out from Anne Arundel County LE  for a 15YOM Downs missing since 1230 today at Tracys landing MD. Prior to the team actually deploying a recall was issued as the boy had been found alive and well hiding in an out building.

    - CK-9 NRP Call Out to Point Lookout State Park MD 6 Aug 14. We responded with 7 dogs and 17 searchers to find a missing woman. After 6 hours of searching, unfortunately she was not found. The search and investigation continues with law enforcement; we stand by for any follow on search actions....Her body was found the next day floating in the Potomac River.

    - MSP call out to Pocomoke City for an 81 YOWM dementia missing since 17 Aug. CK-9 responded and deployed to search with HRD dogs Teyla, and Degan, with three teammates during this workweek HRD search. The body was found quickly by other searchers.

    - CK-9 responded 2 Oct 2014 to a search in Union Dale PA for an 84 YOWF walk away with Alzheimer's.  We were notified by a teammate currently on business out of the country that a search was underway in PA for his wife's mother. We immediately deployed, with PA authority permission, and joined the search arriving on day 3. We stayed until the search was suspended on 3 Oct pending more investigation. Our hopes and prayers go out to the family as the investigation continues trying to find her.

    - CK-9 responded 1-2 Nov 2014 to again search in Union Dale PA for an 84 YOWF walk away with Alzheimer's on 30 Sep.  We deployed 15 searchers and 6 operational dogs. We searched both days expanding the previous search area, but unfortunatley no find was made. Our hopes and prayers continue to go out to the family as the investigation and search continues trying to find her..... She was found 13 Nov 2014, rest in peace Harriet.

    CK-9 responded to a Saint Mary's Sheriffs Office call out at 1720 Mar 9th for a 15 YOF despondent missing since mid day. We responded with 19 searchers and 6 certified dogs. After arriving on scene around 1810 and developing the initial dog search plan, we immediately deployed 5 dog teams.  At 2030 that evening the subject arrived at her home alive and well; and all search teams were then recalled. Happy ending:-)

    NRP advanced call out 11 Mar 2015, 0800 meet to start search for a 50 YOM, Despondent at Schooley Mill Park Md. CK-9 responded with 3 searchers and 2 dogs for the AM, and 2 additional searchers and 2 more dogs for noon time. A CK-9 dog team made the sad find.

    CK-9 was requested by CCSO to meet at the Sheriffs Office at 0900 15 Apr 2015 to search for a missing 45 YO male since 28 Feb 2015. We deployed 8 searchers and 1 HRD dog (Teyla). CK-9 searchers along with many CCSO Officers searched many areas in and around Prince Frederick, unfortunately no find was made. The case goes back into investigation......On a tip, the body was found by LE 2 days later in another area.

    SMSO called out CK-9 at 1630 on 29 Apr 2015 for a suicidal male subject in the Lexington Park, MD area. We immediately responded with 16 searchers and 5 certified dogs. Dog search plans were quickly made on arrival, all teams were briefed and in the process of deploying when word came in he had been found alive by LE along a trail. 

    Called out at 1530 on 18 Sep by PG county Park Police to search for an 80 YOM with dementia missing in Watkins Regional Park in Kettering MD for at least 2 hours. CK-9 deployed 15 searchers and 7 dogs. We conducted searches for 10 hours day/night . The search was suspended at 0230. The search and investigation continues believing he is outside the park determined from sightings reported. We stand ready to assist again as the investigation continues. See follow on 11 Oct 2015 search makes the sad find.

    NRP Call Out 8PM on 22 Sep for an 80 Year Old Alzheimers male missing since 1000 that morning on the eastern shore in Bishopville, MD. CK-9 reponded with 3 air scent dog teams and 3 additional STMs to flank or man Command Trailer positions. While some were enroute already, we received information that he had been found "OK" 3 miles from the PLS......Happy Ending....all teams recalled.

    MSP call out 0230 Oct 7th for 70+ YOM with med conditions lost 6 hours ago, car located in park. CK-9 responded with 4 dog teams, 2 extra Flankers and one search manager. Team Neeko (with Dave and Cathy) makes the happy find just before sunrise! The subject was alive and well, but very far from his car......Happy Endings are GREAT.

    NRP advanced call out for an 11 Oct 2015 Sunday 0900 HRD search at Watkins Park in Kettering MD for an 80 YOM with dementia missing since 18 Sep. CK-9 responded with 16 searchers and 5 dogs. Another team's dog made the sad find in the early afternoon.

    17 Oct 2015: Team Bennie (Stephanie, Bennie and Cathy) makes an unexpected actual live find of a lost 70 YOM during a Large multi-Jurisdiction VA/MD major 36 hour long SAR exercise in Mason Neck SP northern VA!...... Wu-Huuu Team Bennie

    Charles County SO called out both SARDOM and CK-9 to search on 23 Oct for a missing suicidal 18 YOM missing since 11 Oct. SARDOM arrived on site at 0930 with 5 HRD dog teams and 2 Flankers; CK-9 arrived with 2 HRD dog teams, 9 Flankers and 2 Search Managers. The sad find was made within 2 hours by Team Starbuck from CK-9. 

    CK-9 was called out by Anne Arundel Police for 1500 Monday 14 Mar 2016 to meet at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis MD for a 22YOM missing since Friday. We deployed 14 searchers and 6 dogs. Many other SAR dog teams also deployed to the search. No find was made by night fall and the search will continue to interest sites on 15 Mar by BARC as the investigation continues.

    Ck-9 called out 31 May 2016 at 2200 by NRP for a 71 YOM with mental issues missing since 1500 that day. We responded with 7 Search Dog Teams and only 1 flanker. We joined the seach in progress with many other SAR teams and searched until 0400 the next day 1 Jun. Unfortunately the man has not been found and the investigation and water search continues....His body was found in the water the next day.

    NRP Call out 4 Jun 2016 at 2245 for a missing 65 YOF in Swanton MD (5 hour drive). Search in progress being called off for bad weather/night in the area, search to resume in morning. Requested CK-9 assets to arrive by 1200 on 5 Jun to continue search. Around 0200 on 5 Jun she was reported found alive by NRP and mission cancelled before we left.

    NRP state call out 0830 Jun 26, 2016 for a missing 79YOM with dementia since 2000 on 25 Jun in Jappa MD. Ck-9 redeployed from training at PRP to send 7 dogs and 13 members to assist a massive effort. We deployed all 6 area search dogs immediatley on arrival, CK-9 Dog Team Neeko, with a CHESARDA flanker, makes the happy find alive and well, plus still with his small dog.

     Huge multi agency and SAR team search effort yesterday 26 Jul 2016, led by Anne Arundel Police, for an 84 YOM with dementia missing since 1730 25 Jul ended with a happy live find. CK-9 responded at the 0945 call out with 9 searchers and 2 dogs in "feels like" 104 degree temps.

    CK-9 responded to Charles county SO at 1700 on 5 Sep 2016 for a 35YOF missing for over 24 hours last seen in Chapel Point State park. We responded and deployed 12 searchers, 3 base operators and 5 Search Dogs along with other SAR teams assisting in the search. Search suspended at 0430 on 6 Sep with no find. Investigation continues....Very sad, but four days later she was found along the shoreline deceased.

    CK-9 called out at 1045, 14 Sep 2016 by Charles County SO for an 87YOM with dementia missing since 0730 that morning. We responded with 6 searchers and 2 dogs immediately, stagging another 7 searchers and 2 more dogs in a few hours. Shortly after arrival at the ICP, while setting up, the IC was notified the man was found alive and well behind a neigbors home....Happy Ending.

    CK-9 responded on 16 Sep 2016 to Anne Arundel County Police call to execute an HRD search for a 18 YOM despondent in Glen Burnie. We responded with 6 searchers and 3 HRD dogs along with multiple other SAR teams. The body was found mid day by searchers.

    CK-9 was called out at 0630 19 Oct 2016 by NCPP Lt Lieberman for a 3 month old baby boy suspected buried behind Parkdale High School in Riverdale MD around 30 days ago by his parents. We responded with 3 HRD dogs and 7 searchers first arriving on scene at 0815. An NRP HRD dog team confirmed the burial location site around 0845. CK-9 was not needed to deploy and was released at 0930 from the site.

     CK-9 Alert for Call out 2200 Oct 27 Thursday. 72YOF missing this morning with medical issues. Saint Mary's Bloodhound inroute with Chopper 7 to make an attempt to find..They will call me back soon to deploy if unsucessful.


    Please dress and stage your gear to be ready to go. If called we will meet at 29853 Hillview Drive, Mechanicsville, MD 20659 42min my home (near Bob's home off Golden Beach Dr). She was found by police at 2230 alive and well:-)


    NRP call out 1600 Nov 15th 2016 to search for a man missing for two days in Southern MD. We deployed 14 searchers and 5 dogs to assist with many other SAR teams and LE. The search was suspended around 2300 to resume in part the next morning as the investigation continues....Found and Identified 27 Nov floating along rocks on Bay side of Park :-(
    20 Nov 2016 Call Out HRD. Check details for MISSION CK-10-16; Teyla find.
    CK-9 was called out Wed 19 Apr 2017 at 0900 by the Anne Arundel county Police for a 97 YOM missing since 0530. Before our teams could hit the road, the Police reported at 0930 that the man was found alive and well :-)
    Ck-9 called out by PG Police at 1140 Thursday May 25th for a 35 YOM with mental issues missing since 0600 that morning. Before CK-9 could deploy the Detective informed us that the man had been found alive and well by them ....a happy ending:-)
    Call Out 2000 May 26th 2017 to Mechanicsville in Saint Mary's county to investigate possible Human Remains (HR) found in a neigborhood dump area by a resident. Team Sharon/Degan with Flanker Dona were deployed to make a quick determination of find and to search a supicious raised area. Team Degan reported no HR at site and search terminated.
    CK-9 Deployed to Lexington Park MD at 1330 on 10 Jun 2017 for a missing despondent 35YOM. We responded with 19 searchers and 9 dogs. Soon after arriving on site, Saint Mary's police made the find alive and well.
    0940 Thursday 15 Jun 2017 Saint Mary's Sheriffs Office put us on Alert for call out while they investigated a despondent female. We had 4 area search dogs and a Bloodhound for trailing with 10 searchers commited and standing by to deploy. She was found alive at a friends house within 30 minutes by Police :-)
    30 July 2017 Call Out HRD. Check details for CK-9 MISSION CK-3-17. 14 searchers and 4 dogs.
    11 Sep 2017 CCSO re-search of possible grave recorded at CK-9 Mission CK-3-17 search of 30 Jul 2017. One HRD dog team and flanker. 
    28 Sep 2017 Call Out; Check details for HRD mission CK-4-2017.
    Call out Clear Spring MD 1400 on Tuesday 17 Oct 2017 for a missing 17YOM since 2200 last night. Search was already in progress by the Washington County Sheriff's Office. CK-9 responding with 4 dog teams and flankers plus Base support. Prior to CK-9 fully departing for the site, Police reported happy news that the subject was found alive!
    14 Nov 2017 Call Out; check details HRD Mission Ck-5-2017.


    5 Dec 2017 1830 Call Out Charles County Police for a 75YOM dementia missing since 1600. We responded with 6 dog teams, 6 flankers and 3 base folks; the man was found alive by police before we arrived on site:-)



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