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 Calvert K-9 Search Team is a Maryland Search and Rescue Team, using highly trained search dogs to find lost and missing people.  Having met all the MD requirements and standards, we were accepted as part of the NRP/MSP led Maryland Search Team Task Force (MSTTF)



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CK-9's Mission:   As an all volunteer, non-profit organization, we provide fully equipped, nationally certified search dog teams, and search management personnel to find lost or missing people. We are part of the Maryland Search Team Task Force (MSTTF).

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    If you have an Emergency please call 911!

     If you are a Law Enforcement Agency and need CK9 assets, please call: 

    Primary: Ted Carson (Commander)
    410-586-2476 or
    301-943-9221 cell

    Secondary: Kelly Burkhardt (President of Board)



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    This is the record from 2018 to present.

    CK-9 was called out by NCPP for a 69 YOM missing since 2 Jan in Beltsville MD. Responded at 0800 9 Jan 2018 with 2 HRD dogs, 3 flankers and 2 Base operators. The man was found deceased later that night near BWI:-(


    CK-9 called out 2230 Mar 16th by Anne Arundel Sheriff’s Office for a missing 64YOM with Alzheimer’s. We deployed 5 dog teams and 4 Base/Flankers. After most of CK-9 arrived on site but before being deployed, the happy find was made:-)

    CK-9 Call Out 10 April at 1300 by St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office for a 62-year-old male with Alzheimer’s missing in St. Mary's City. We responded with 9 SAR dog teams, 5 flankers and 3 Base folks. We had 6 dog teams deployed in the field searching at the time crews located and quickly rescued the man who was found alive waist deep in a marsh. Pic is Team Brutus searching another section of the marsh.

    CK-9 responded to a 1245 Apr 26th call out from National Capital Park Police for a 75 YOM with dementia missing since midnight in Clinton MD. We responded with 4 dog teams, 5 flankers and 3 base folks. Before all of of our teams had arrived to search, our own CK-9 Dog Team Farley on his second task makes the happy find alive and well:-)

    CK-9 was called out days early for a planned 6 May 2018 search by NCPP PG county for a 25YOM with schizophrenia missing for 30 days. CK-9 formulated the search plan and reported 24 searchers and 9 Operational search dogs would arrive 0900 May 6th to conduct the search with PG county Police. But on 4 May NCPP informed us that the subject had been found alive in a DC hospital. Another happy ending:-)

    Happy Ending to a 26 Jul 2018 midnight search for an Alzheimer wandering man:-) Ck-9 responded with 4 dog teams and many other MD SAR teams to Glen Burnie just after midnight and searched with AA police until he was found at 10 AM the next morning. Long night, hard work, happy ending:-)

    CK-9 Alert only at 1200 2 Aug 2018 by Saint Mary's Sheriffs Office. The man who went missing 1 Aug was last being seen in the McIntosh Run River near the Port of Leonardtown Winery; sadly mid afternoon 2 Aug his body was found in the water.

    Ck-9 responded to MD State Police call out for searches on both 25 and 26 Aug 2018 for a 38YOF. We responded with 2 HRD/cadaver dogs and 15 folks (Handlers, Flankers, Base). She was found alive and well by police miles away from the search site.

    CK-9 Call Out Tracys Landing 4 Oct 2018 by AA Police at 0900 for an Elderly woman with Narcolepsy missing since the night before sometime. Even before our teams could arrive, 0945 Police reported she was found alive.

    CK-9 was advanced called out by AA county Police on 24 Oct for a follow up search for 25 Oct if needed. The 24 Oct search was succesful so no search was required on the 25th:-)

    SMSO has informed Kelly/POB CK-9 at 1930 on 2 Nov 2018 that they are searching for a missing 14 YOF in the Pembrook area of Wildwood missing for the last 3 hours; She left a suicide note. We were notified she was found alive and well at 2130 that night:-)

    Ck-9 called out by NCPP at 1930 on 15 Feb 2019 to Bowie MD for a 74YOF critically missing woman. We responded with 19 search members and 8 CK-9 dogs. Within just 50 minutes from inital tasking, Team Rita/Koop made the find alive and well:-)

    CK-9 call out 6 Apr 2019 AA police see record of event

    CK-9 Call Out 0130 by AA Police 24 Apr 2019 to Solley Park in Glen Burnie for a 13YOF despondent. We responded with 4 dog teams (Degan, Koop, Bennie and Sabre) and 4 flankers. We had Team Koop on site at the time of the SC! happy find around 0240.

    Call Out 7 May 2019 SMSO 1330. Massive search yesterday in Saint Mary's county for a 5YO Autistic boy who ran away into thick woods during school. CK-9 sent 7 dog teams/handlers and 10 others searchers/support folks.HAPPY ENDING three hours later when the boy was found by neighborhood searchers reacting to the reverse 911 emergency assist call. He was hiding in a tree stand. GREAT JOB to the Saint Mary's Sheriffs Office running the search, the Fire agencies, neighbors and all others:-)

     CK-9 call out 0905 Sat 22 Jun 2019 by Charles CSOfor 40TOM suicide. We had 6 area search dogs, 1 trailing dog and a host of flankers and Base support to cover just the 200 acres police wanted searched behind his home between housing areas. 0955 found alive by police before CK-9 arrival near home just inside woodline evading detection.

    ALERT CK-9, 0600 10 July 2019; Stand by for an all SAR team Call OUT within the hour. Missing 2.5 male YO Child Anna Arundel county! Det Jay Schline called and is on the way to the scene.He will call back with more details when he has them. He said to expect an all MD SAR team Call Out. 40 minutes later child was found alive at a neighbors home:-)

    Call Out 15 Jul 2130 NCPP LT Liberman to search for a 16YOM who wandered away from their family this afternoon at Cosca Park..... where Team Neeko made his first find...... Before I could get more details and notification out to you all she informed me they found him alive and well 😀

    CK-9 responded to a Bowie Police call out at 1445 3 Aug 2019 for a critical missing man. We deployed 5 dog teams to the site with flankers and search management support. Police investigation determined the man was not in the search area so all teams were recalled out of the woods. He was later found by Police at the train station in Bowie. Happy Ending:-)

    CK-9 Call Out Search by NCPP PG county to Chillum MD 1515 26 Aug 2019. Happy Ending! The missing 15 YOM despondent was later found by Police alive walking along a highway:-) CK-9 deployed 7 dog teams and 14 searchers to the site. We searched the remaining day and all the way till 11PM at night covering all suspected areas...... Love Happy Endings:-)

    Last updated on August 27, 2019 by Theodore Carson